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Discovering a new or unexplainable growth in your mouth can be concerning. Chapel Hill Oral Surgery offers oral pathology exams, assessing and diagnosing any abnormalities. Scheduling an oral pathology exam will start you down the road to prompt treatment and provide you with peace of mind.

Why Do You Need an Oral Pathology Exam?

We recommend scheduling an oral pathology appointment if you notice any changes to the lining of your mouth, tongue, lips, gums, tonsils, or teeth. An oral pathology exam can provide a prompt and clear diagnosis. In some cases, including those involving oral cancer, this can be an important way of ensuring early intervention, which can potentially prove lifesaving.

What To Expect in an Oral Pathology Exam

During your exam, Dr. Hill will carefully conduct a visual inspection of the area of concern, also examining the rest of your teeth and gums in search of other potential symptoms. If Dr. Hill suspects malignancy, the next step will be to order a biopsy, which can help to confirm the diagnosis.

Most oral pathology appointments are very brief, and your comfort and safety are the top priorities throughout.

Chapel hill oral surgery

Chapel Hill Oral Surgery: Exactly Like Nowhere Else

At Chapel Hill Oral Surgery, we take patient safety and exceptional care to a new level. Our core values – Safety, Wellness, Integrity, and Mastery (SWIM™) – guide every step of your journey. Led by Dr. David Lee Hill, Jr., a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, our team offers years of experience with an emphasis on patient safety. Find peace of mind with an oral pathology exam in Chapel Hill, NC today and schedule a consultation online at (919) 238-9961.