One prerequisite for dental implants is sufficient bone mass in the jaw, which provides a stable anchor for the implants.

Do I Have Enough Bone For Dental Implants?

When a tooth is extracted, and the walls of the socket are very thick, they will often naturally fill with bone in just a couple of months. When the walls of the socket are quite thin, the healing process may be less predictable. In these situations, it may be necessary to have a bone graft performed, ensuring that the socket has sufficient bone material for dental restoration.

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“I had to have three molars with crowns extracted… then a bone graft and implant… Dr. Hill has the latest and greatest diagnostic equipment and surgical instrumentation and he did an outstanding job on all procedures..”

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Bone grafting can also be necessary if your tooth was extracted many years ago, without having an implant put in to replace it. Without the stimulation from a tooth root, the jawbone tends to atrophy, which means your bone may deteriorate over time. This can usually be addressed via bone grafting, a surgical procedure involving bone tissue regeneration in the area where it is most needed.

Bone grafting may also be required if you have especially large sinus cavities, very low sinus cavities, or sinus cavities that impose on the tooth-bearing areas. This tends to be most common among patients with teeth extracted many years ago without prompt treatment or replacement.

Bone grafting can usually be performed in the office with local anesthesia, sometimes coupled with IV sedation. Bone is added in an area where it will serve as steady support for dental implants while also helping to prevent further bone loss or unwanted facial changes. Bone grafting can often be performed at the same time as dental implant placement.

Chapel hill oral surgery

Sinus Lifts

Our practice specializes in multiple forms of bone graft, which allows us to offer our patients high success rates for dental implant placement.

One common type of bone graft is the sinus lift. This procedure is necessary when patients are missing teeth in their upper jaw but do not have sufficient bone mass to anchor implants in place. A sinus lift can regenerate bone tissue in the upper jaw, providing a viable way forward for long-lasting dental implants.

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