Chapel hill oral surgery

Abnormalities of the jaw can compromise your smile and make it more difficult to bite and chew normally. These malformations may be caused by genetics, pathology, or traumatic events and can result in lost dentition or inadequate bone around your teeth. At Chapel Hill Oral Surgery, we have extensive experience correcting jaw issues safely and using minimally invasive techniques. We invite you to learn more about the options for corrective jaw surgery in Chapel Hill, NC.

What Types of Problems Does Jaw Surgery Fix?

Jaw surgery can address a wide range of concerns, including those that affect the stability of your teeth.

Some jaw abnormalities are present from birth. Examples include jaws that are misaligned, deformed, or underdeveloped. Surgical intervention can help restore a sense of wholeness and complete form and function.

For some patients, correcting jaw malformations may be necessary to ensure a stable, supportive foundation for dental prostheses. Pre-prosthetic surgery can be an important first step toward long-lasting smile restoration.

Physical problems with the jaw can contribute to a wide range of health concerns, including symptoms associated with TMJ pain and sleep apnea. In many cases, corrective surgery is needed to restore quality of life.

Distraction osteogenesis is a procedure in which we make longer bones out of shorter ones, typically for patients who are still in the newborn stage or early childhood. This procedure is an important form of early intervention for congenital jaw deformation.

Chapel hill oral surgery

Our Process for Corrective Jaw Surgery

Our team has the skill and the advanced technology to provide a smooth, safe, and successful experience for all of our jaw patients.

The process begins with an initial consultation, allowing you to meet with Dr. Hill and learn more about the recommended treatment plan. Dr. Hill will also evaluate your jaw and ask some questions about your medical history, confirming that you are a good candidate for a safe, successful procedure.

When you arrive for your surgery, you will be welcomed back to our private operating facility, which is designed to promote your safety and well-being. Our on-site anesthesia team will administer the sedation needed to keep you comfortable, while Dr. Hill focuses on the procedure itself. This anesthesia care model allows us to monitor your safety and comfort throughout the course of the surgery.

While recovery can vary depending on the type of procedure you have, most patients can expect at least a week of rest and healing at home. Ongoing coordination with your orthodontist or general dentist may be necessary to rehabilitate your smile.

Voices of Satisfaction

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“With such headache that it can be to do oral surgery … I can honestly say that Dr hill and staff are amazing ! “

“From front desk ( Shawn ) to billing Tammy to ….actually to many to name … they have made this experience as pain free in every way shape and form … I highly recommend this office”

-Rosana V.

Chapel hill oral surgery

Chapel Hill Oral Surgery: Exactly Like Nowhere Else

Jaw surgery can be an important first step toward improved quality of life and a more confident smile. At Chapel Hill Oral Surgery, we take patient safety and exceptional care to a new level. Our core values – Safety, Wellness, Integrity, and Mastery (SWIM™) – guide every step of your journey. Dr. Hill and our team offer years of experience with an emphasis on patient safety. Learn more about corrective jaw surgery in Chapel Hill, NC by scheduling a consultation or calling (919) 238-9961.