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An impacted tooth is one that, rather than erupting normally, remains partially or completely trapped under gum tissue or bone. Impaction not only compromises the aesthetics of your smile but can also lead to a host of other issues, including a heightened risk of infection. At Chapel Hill Oral Surgery, we provide comprehensive care for patients with impacted canines, prioritizing safety and clinical precision.

Causes of Impacted Teeth

Impaction often results from an overcrowded mouth. With insufficient room to emerge as normal, a tooth may erupt at an odd angle or remain completely submerged under gum and bone. Wisdom teeth and canines are especially prone to impaction. However, unlike wisdom teeth, impacted canines and other teeth can be saved instead of extracted.

Chapel hill oral surgery

Treatment for Impacted Canines

Multiple options exist for treating impacted teeth. During an initial consultation, Dr. Hill will evaluate your teeth and gums and recommend the treatment plan that is right for you.

If a tooth is badly damaged or diseased, it may be necessary to extract it and then replace it with a dental implant. For teeth that are impacted but uncompromised, Dr. Hill will create a small window in your gum tissue. Your orthodontist will then attach a button and chain to the tooth, gradually pulling it into its correct position.

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“I highly recommend Dr. David Hill and his team.”

“They are professional, caring and supportive. Dr. Hill has been treating me for over six years now, and I can’t imagine going to another oral surgeon.”

-Susanna C.

Chapel hill oral surgery

Chapel Hill Oral Surgery: Exactly Like Nowhere Else

At Chapel Hill Oral Surgery, we take patient safety and exceptional care to a new level. Our core values – safety, wellness, integrity, and mastery (SWIM™) – guide every step of your journey. Dr. Hill and our team offer years of experience with an emphasis on patient safety. If you have an impacted tooth, seek prompt care to protect the long-term integrity of your smile. Make an appointment using our online form or at (919) 238-9961.