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“It was like you were the only patient at that time and no one was too busy to see you.”

“He’s a world class oral surgeon and his knowledge base goes beyond just the general oral surgery level.”

“I thought I was going to be in a lot of pain and I really wasn’t. That’s a big surprise to me.”

“I was expecting much more pain. I didn’t really have any. I was kind of amazed I didn’t have much pain at all.”

“The treatment from everybody was nice, kind, professional.”

“I feel very comfortable referring my patients to Dr. Hill because I know that he’s going to take care of them.”
Dr. Jason Troutman

“I would recommend Dr. Hill to anybody for his work that he does because it’s just fabulous work.”

“I would have absolutely no reservations about recommending Dr. Hill and his practice to anybody.”

“After our patients see Dr. Hill and experience his care, I think they are always impressed with the level of empathy and the state of the art care that they get.”
Dr. Mauney and Dr. Clifton

“I felt like I became me again and my confidence shot right back up to where it was.”

“We want to make sure that Dr. Hill understands and the staff understand what a huge impact they’ve had on Ian’s life, and frankly my life as a parent.”

My dentist referred me to Dr. Hill after learning that a molar had to be removed surgically. On my first visit I was so impressed with the warmth and friendliness of the staff, nurses, and Dr. Hill. Dr. Hill had new x-rays taken of my teeth and then met with me reviewing what he saw and what my needs would be at this time. I have to say that both Dr. Hill and the nurses were so caring and professional, answering all my questions and reassuring me that I would receive the best care. On the day of my surgery again I was met by the smiling faces of all the staff, even with the threat of a winter storm approaching. Dr. Hill reviewed with me the procedure, providing me with hand signals to use if I felt any pain or discomfort. I knew immediately that I was in good hands when Dr. Hill started my IV for my anesthesia. As a nurse of 24 years this was a first for me and he told me he had learned from the best, “nurses”. I never felt any pain during the procedure and once home that evening Dr. Hill called me to see how my recovery was going and how my pain was and encouraging me to call if I had any questions or problems at all. I was again so impressed with the care he showed for me as his patient. Even though my journey is not over and I still have my implants to get I have no doubt that I am in the right place with the right doctor and staff. They all rank #1 to me and I am grateful that my dentist made the best referral. Thank you all for the wonderful experience that you provided to me and to all those you will serve in the future.

—C. W.

Dr. Hill and his staff blessed me with their professionalism, expertise, and sincere kindness. They quickly responded to my concerns; ensured that I was clear on each step of the surgical process; and addressed my dental as well as my emotional needs. Indeed, a caring attitude, combined with cutting-edge knowledge, proves for a speedy recovery and customer satisfaction. Without question, I received an unforgettable experience, for which I will be forever grateful.

—W. C.

Thank you, Dr. Hill, for taking a few minutes before Chuck’s surgery on Monday to talk with us again. I was looking like a deer in headlights, as fear and anxiety were very high. The couple of questions we got to ask and hear you address had an amazing and calming effect on me, and I especially appreciate your consideration. Thanks, too, go to your staff who assisted with our surgeries. The two ladies attending me were angels!

—B. H.

We just wanted to thank you for making my first experience with surgery so great. Your office and staff are amazing, and I hope you know that you are truly a kind and generous person.

—J. and B.

Dr. David Hill and his staff are fantastic! Everyone is caring and professional! I was required by the military to have all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. It is natural to feel nervous about any kind of surgery, but Dr. Hill and his staff use amazing state of the art equipment and consultation to answer all questions you may have, putting one at ease about having oral surgery. I asked my mother if she would drive me home the day of surgery because of anesthesia. She told me every last person in the office was so sweet, and did everything in their power to make her feel comfortable as she waited. That, to me, was much more important than the actual surgery itself. Dr. Hill’s office is extremely military friendly, so if you serve and have Tricare, this is the perfect place. They double checked with my insurance company and sat down with me to make sure I understood my coverage. Dr. Hill also gave me easy to follow directions on how to care for my teeth after surgery, and I hardly experienced any pain at all. I was eating normally after the second day with no issues! The post op visit was great and they assured me that everything went well. I definitely recommend this office for anyone in need of implants or oral surgery of any kind.

—F. M.

I went to Chapel Hill Oral Surgery to consult Dr. Hill for problems with my wisdom teeth. In the first consultation, after checking my x-rays and everything, Dr. Hill suggested that I needed to extract all four of my wisdom teeth, since all of them had cavities and one was partially impacted. He also clearly explained to me the procedure ofthe extractions, the risks involved and the recovery process, all in detail. I knew that my teeth were in good hands. Next, I went for the extraction of the four wisdom teeth. I was made very comfortable and thanks to Dr. Hill and his team, I was not at all nervous or scared. The extraction procedure went very smoothly and I had no pain, no complications at all after my surgery. Dr. Hill followed up that day to make sure everything was okay. I went back after one week for an observation, and he told me that my healing was going on fine. I would strongly recommend Chapel Hill Oral Surgery to everyone. I have heard terrible, scary things about wisdom teeth extraction procedure in general, but thankfully I didn’t encounter any such thing. And it was really a smooth, painless, comfortable experience.

—M. S.

Dr. Hill managed to see me on the same day as my accident. Dr. Hill and his staff were compassionate and extremely helpful while easing my discomfort following a traumatic experience. I was told by my dentist that I could not have been in better hands – and he was right! I could not have asked for a better oral surgeon. Dr. Hill and his staff kept my spirits up; they have a personal touch that ensures premium care.

—P. R.

Dr. David Hill, Jr., Chapel Hill Implant and Oral Surgery Center, just performed my first dental implant. Initially, Dr. Hill performed oral surgery for a cracked tooth. His demeanor, pre- and post-operative discussions and up to the minute technological expertise allayed all my fears. He uses the latest technology and explains all the procedures used with sincere concern for his patient’s welfare. His staff is professional, very knowledgable, and encouraging throughout the process. Dr. Hill and staff made this experience easy and virtually painless. I will highly recommend Dr. Hill for any oral surgery procedures.

—R. F.

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