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Patient Testimonial

For years I had been told that maybe I should get my wisdom teeth out by numerous dentists. Sadly, instead of heeding their advice, I put it off until one of them began giving me problems. When I scheduled my appointment with Dr. Hill for a consult, I went in thinking that maybe only the one that was giving me problems would come out. However, after using the advance imaging techniques at Dr. Hill's office, it became apparent that all four wisdom teeth really needed to come put. Dr. Hill was very professional in his assessment, and when he finally made the assessment that all four needed to come out, I trusted him. The day of the removal of my wisdom teeth, I was very nervous, understandably. However, the prep nurse was extremely sympathetic and friendly, and made me feel as at ease as possible as I was prepped. The professionalism of the anesthesiologist and then Dr. Hill as he greeted me further put me at ease. As for the procedure itself, I have no memory of it...they did a good job on the anesthesia! After the surgery, I followed the post-op care to the letter, including keeping cold compresses on my face constantly. The pain was almost non-existent, and Advil was easily enough to keep it at bay. Swelling was also minimal. By the third or fourth day, I was feeling pretty good, and my follow up appointment a week later went well. I have absolutely no complaints and nothing but good things to say about Dr. Hill and his entire practice. If others need care, Dr. Hill's practice should certainly be your first and only stop!

- John S

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