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Dental Pain Triggered by Pressure Changes

If you have ever flown with a toothache, you may understand the impact it can have on your teeth and sinus cavities. Or maybe you were scuba diving with a toothache when you felt moderate to severe pain around your tooth or the sinus cavities nearby. Regardless of where you were when you felt this […]

Dental Injuries at a Sports Event—What to Do Field Side

Unfortunately, the odds that there will be a dentist on the sidelines, when you really need one if your child is injured during a sporting event are slim to none. However, knowing what to do and how to respond quickly and appropriately are critical facts that every parent, caregiver, coach, and athlete should know. This […]

A New Standard of Care: Lower Jaw Implant

The lack of teeth or an ill-fitted denture can be far more detrimental to your overall health than most people can imagine. It can have a horrific impact on your self-confidence, your ability to speak clearly, and leave you with serious nutritional disadvantages. These troubling issues are the reasons behind the research, continued development, and […]